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Last Hour

Temperature last hour    Rain last hour
Avg Windspeed last hour    Avg Wind Direction last hour

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Last 24 Hours

Barometer last 24 hours    Temp/Humidity last 24 hours
Avg Windspeed last 24 hours    Avg Wind Direction last 24 hours
Solar last 24 hours   UV last 24 hours
Rain last 24 hours    Indoor Temperature last 24 hours

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Last 7 Days

Barometer last 7 days    Temps last 7 days
Avg Windspeed last 7 days    Avg Wind Direction last 7 days
Solar last 7 days    UV last 7days
Rain last 7 days   Humidity last 7 days

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Last 31 Days

Barometer last 31 days    Temps last 31 days
Avg Windspeed last 31 days    Avg Wind Direction last 31 days
Rainfall last 31 days    Humidity last 31 days

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Todays Rain      Yesterdays Rain      Weeks Rain      Months Rain      Years Rain

Rainfall last 12 months

* Rain statistics reflect precipitation of any type, including the moisture content for snow which is melted and measured.

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