Weather Alerts for Adams County

Issued by the National Weather Service

Red Flag Warning  RED FLAG WARNING   Red Flag Warning

Areas Affected:
North Douglas County Below 6000 Feet/Denver/West Adams and Arapahoe Counties/East Broomfield County - Elbert/Central and East Douglas Counties Above 6000 Feet
Effective: Sat, 2/24 1:43pm Updated: Sat, 2/24 3:45pm Urgency: Expected
Expires: Sat, 2/24 5:15pm Severity:  Severe  Certainty: Likely

The warm, dry and windy conditions will persist through the rest
of the day. Therefore the Red Flag Warning for the northern urban
corridor and northern plains will remain in effect until 6 PM
this evening.

On Sunday, it will be evening drier in some areas with minimum
humidities along with another round of gusty winds. The strongest
winds are expected to be along the foothills from Boulder south
and on the plains southeast of Denver, as well as in Park county.
Therefore a Red Flag Warning will be in effect for these areas
from 11 AM to 6 PM Sunday.

Fire weather conditions will remain high on Monday. It will be
windier, with gusts up to 60 mph over the mountains and east
slopes, up to 50 mph near the foothills, and 30-40 mph on the
plains. In spite of the higher humidities, critical fire weather
conditions are again possible over the plains.

The National Weather Service in Denver has issued a Red Flag
Warning for wind and low relative humidity, which is in effect
from 11 AM to 6 PM MST Sunday. The Fire Weather Watch is no
longer in effect.

* Affected Area...Fire Weather Zones 240 and 241.

* Timing...11AM to 6PM Sunday.

* Winds...West 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.

* Relative Humidity...As low as 11 percent.

* Impacts...Conditions will be favorable for rapid fire spread.
Avoid outdoor burning and any activity that may produce a
spark and start a wildfire.

A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions
are either occurring now....or will shortly. A combination of
strong winds...low relative humidity...and warm temperatures can
contribute to extreme fire behavior.